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Turkish Airlines


Welcome to Turkish Airlines Android application.Stay ahead on the move with instant access to booking a flight, buying your ticket, accessing Miles &Smiles services, mobile check-in and other services you need for your flexibility. You can use Turkish Airlines application to access all services you need for your Turkish Airlines flights. Turkish Airlines offers you following services with Turkish Airlines:
· Mobile Booking & Reservation You can buy your ticket, book a flight or complete your reservation on the move. All you need is to select our best flight offer. · Miles & Smiles You can become a Turkish Airlines loyalty member. If you are a Miles&Smiles member, you can access Miles&Smiles services. · Mobile Check-in You can save your time by selecting or changing your seat on the move. · Arrival-Departure You have the chance to make best plan with instant access to departure and arrival status of Turkish Airlines flights. · Timetable You can plan your trips via access to Turkish Airlines worldwide flights. Turkish Airlines wishes you a pleasant flight...